Electric poolcovers including solar heating 



We offer high-quality, compact pool covers that can be electrically extended and retracted at the touch of a button using a remote control or mobile phone app. 


Our invention, protected by the DPMA patent office, makes it possible to automatically extend a thin black solar heating film. When exposed to sunlight, the pool water is heated up to 7°C per day. It therefore replaces a conventional, cost-intensive pool heating system and saves 100% of electricity costs. The electric motor of the SOLAR POOL COVER can also be powered by a PV solar module. In this case you do not require any power supply from the grid at all. 

Since the cover is completely closed, it also prevents evaporation and thus the cooling of the pool water. 

At the same time, the cover reduces the growth of algae and the consumption of chlorine products.

The pool cover system optionally has a tasteful, powder-coated aluminum housing with LED lighting, the light color of which can be varied. The housing protects the film from UV radiation when rolled up and ensures a longer service life for the cover. If a new pool is being built, the SOLAR POOL COVER can be integrated cost-effectively into the technical room.

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