Electric poolcovers including solar heating 


The solar pool cover consists of several components that we would like to introduce here:

1. The solar cover

The solar cover consists of a black, 400 µm thick polyethylene (PE) air chamber film. The durable polyethylene material provides the best possible resistance to UV radiation and chlorine or salt. Since the material is opaque, algae growth in the pool water is prevented. This allows for the use of less chlorine chemistry. When exposed to sunlight, the film is warmed up optimally thanks to the black color and releases this heat energy into the pool water. The pool water can be heated by up to 7 °C per day using pure solar energy. In addition, the heat is stored better because the film prevents the evaporation of water and reduces heat radiation. Lower water consumption is also guaranteed. The film prevents dirt from entering the pool and reduces the effort required to clean the pool water. So that the polyethylene film can be extended electrically, it is welded to a mechanically more stable film. This construction is protected by the German Patent Office.

2. The case

The weatherproof, powder-coated aluminum housing is particularly durable, high quality and has a very elegant, narrow shape. It protects the rolled polyethylene film from UV radiation and excessive heat. As soon as the solar film is no longer in contact with water, it must be protected from heating by the sun. Otherwise, at temperatures above approx. 90°C, the film would deform. The housing stands on adjustable stainless steel feet for optimal adaptation to the floor conditions. The compact housing, just 265 mm wide and 350 mm high, is available in various colors (sand, white, light gray).

3. The electric drive

A powerful 12V electric motor allows the pool cover to be extended and retracted. The film takes about 10 seconds per meter. The motor is controlled via a hand transmitter. It is possible to provide electricity via a solar module integrated in the housing. If there is a power connection near the pool, the electricity can be generated via a power supply.

4. The LED lighting

The aluminum housing of the solar pool cover can be equipped with LED lighting. This is weatherproof and positively integrated into the upper part of the housing and runs almost its entire length. It is operated via a remote control and requires a 220V AC or 12V power source. The choice of color can be varied using the remote control and allows atmospheric lighting of the pool area depending on the occasion.


5. The temperature sensor

An illuminated temperature sensor for the air temperature can be integrated into the housing. A supply with a 12 DC transformer on a 220 V AC power source must be guaranteed. The display of the temperature sensor is equipped with LED lighting and is installed in the upper part of the aluminum housing in a weatherproof manner.